CORPUS 2006-2010, sound installation

Audio : Corpus @ Saline Royale D'arc et Senans 2008 | Pictures © Jumo - Overworld, Matthieu Delcourt, Nicolas Waltefaugle


CORPUS is a sound and multimedia project in which objects, furniture and the architecture of a place are set in resonance by low frequencies. For this project, Art of Failure analyzes the sound frequencies at which the different elements of a place enter in vibration.
The tones of these vibrating elements are used to build a generative composition. The technical configuration of the installation is composed of vibrators precisely placed inside the site and/or by loudspeakers playing sub-bass.
All the elements of the site become active, or "alive" and reveal their own tones. This project offers a unique physical experience of the space, a relation all at once sensitive and ghostly with what surrounds us.
The offered experience is entirely thought according to the specificities of each space.

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